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JavaFX, why?

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It’s not a secret that for a developer is a dream to be able to build an application, and without modify it, run it in the computer, in the cellphone, in the TV, in the car, in all the screens of the life.

However, why to create a new platform for this?: The main disadvantage of the languages with a high level of dissemination and longevity such as Java, is that these same qualities requires a strong backwards compatibility, which in turn limits its ability to evolve.

JavaFX was precisely designed to meet these demands, while provide a new and modern language, RIAs, developer-designer work flow in mind, multimedia, Swing 2.0, amazing Flash’s style animations, and all this without leaving Java! Version 1.0 has been focused on providing a very good support to work with animations, graphics and multimedia. In other words, has been created a very strong base on which to add graphics controls, business applications frameworks, and so on.

For some, JavaFX is coming too late, for others, this is just the beginning of a platform with a great potential. The first step was solid, from now on everything depends on Sun supports to this promising platform.


Written by roger.padilla

January 13, 2009 at 17:33

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